5 HP Briggs & Straton Engine on Tiller


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5 HP Briggs & Straton Engine on Tiller

This may be a problem that no one will probably ever solve. This is a real old engine (not sure it is a Briggs & Straton). I took the old spark plug to the parts store to buy a new one. Dumb me threw the old plug away. The new plug is a little longer than the old one. Anyway my problem (and this has started since I changed the plug), it will start ok and run for a minute or two, start to die, you can pull out the choke and it will run again for another minute or two. You can do that several times before it dies. I think it is the plug and I think I got the wrong one. I have a Champion RCJ6Y. Is this the right plug? Thanks for any help I can get.
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Without more info you are asking how long is a rope.
Please post the engine Model, type and code usually found on the engine shroud just above the spark plug and someone will get you going. Have a good one. Geo
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If I had all that info, I wouldn't need to ask the question. This engine is so old, all the numbers are gone.
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A Champion RJ19LM will work fine. If it still acts this way with this plug, it's a carburetor problem.

Generally the engie numbers are stamped into the engine shroud near the spark plug on the end of the shroud.
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I'm with cheese. More than likely a carb problem. Does this have a separate rope type pull starter? (gives an idea of the age, not related to problem!) Also, does it have a sediment bowl under the fuel tank? Given the age, I'd be inclined to pull the carb and at a minimum, clean it all out. Likewise, if it has a sediment bowl, I'd pull that and clean it and finally, flush out the fuel tank with a little mineral spirits(or gas!) just to make sure you get rid of any particulates.

Probably the only gasket(s) you'll be forced to replace are the ones between the intake pipe and the block and the carb body and the intake pipe(I'm assuming this sort of configuration, of course). Even for these old engines, those gaskets are readily available. Just take the carb/pipe assy to your local supplier and they can match it up easily!

Let us know how you make out.

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