Honda CCV160A Crankshaft Replacement

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Question Honda GCV160A Crankshaft Replacement

Hi, I have a Cub Cadet self-propelled mower that has a Honda engine with a bent crankshaft. I verified the crankshaft was indeed bent by removing the blade, and observing the shaft wobble as the engine was slowly turned over by pulling the starter rope. I must have hit a sizeable rock - or something of that nature. But anyway, It is bent. My first clue it was bent was a loud vibrating type noise when the mower was running. I know something was out of whack. Of course, the first thing I checked was the blade, but that was fine. There is no doubt that the crankshaft is bent pretty badly.

I am a novice in terms of mechanical know-how, and would sincerely apppreciate any help/tips/advice I could get from anyone willing to do so...

First the basics:
- The Honda 5.5 HP engine is a vertical shaft model, and it's serial number is GJAEA-3855199S3A.
- I purchased the Honda Shop Manual for this particular engine, but it really doesn't give detailed information on how to replace this part. When buying the manual, I was kind of hoping that I would be getting a very detailed, step-by-step instructional guide to fixing this problem. I was wrong to assume that! It seems to be geared to small engine professionals who already know the basics very well,and understand these types of engines inside, and out, and not beginners like myself!
- I ordered a new crankshaft, part #13310-ZMO-610 as called for in an engine diagram provided by Honda.

So, there you have it. Have what, you may be saying? Well, not much, LOL. In short, I have a shop manual for the engine, and a new crankshaft and nothing more as of yet. I know that I will be needing a few other parts to do the job from what I can tell by looking at the shop manual. It looks like I will need two different oil seals - or is it possible to re-use the old ones? I think that I will also need an O-Ring - the manual explicitly tells you not to re-use this particular part. And from what I can tell, I will need something called "Liquid Packing - Three Bond 1207, Honda Bond #4, or equivalent."

Is there anything else that I need to get before starting this project? And is there anyone who can provide a link to a web site, or something which would provide more detailed instructions on how I can try to do this project successfully? Any tips, or advice anyone might have for me to make this go a little eassier for me, you know, like things to look out for and be careful of, or critical steps I must take as I move along? One thing I had read on another forum is that I need to mark the timing belt prior to removing it? Where, and how would I do that?

Sorry that you are dealing with such a novice, but I am really hoping that one of the many true professionals on this board would be kind enough to lend a helping hand and offer any advice they could in order to make this go a little easier for me? Unfortunately, my financial situation at this very moment prevents me from bringing the mower to be repaired professionally. My only hope is that I can do this job successfully by myself...

Thank you,

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You can do it. Got a digital camera? That can can take pics of every detail during disassembly and refer to them during reassembly. It's not hard, however, I have not had the honor of opening up one of those particular hondas yet. I would check for timing marks to get the belt timing correct during reassembly, or make marks of your own if none are provided (I can't imagine they wouldn't have marks of their own).

Do you have a torque wrench? You'll need one to properly reassemble the connecting rod cap. I'd re-use the seals if they aren't leaking as they aren't hard to change later if needed. If the engine was older, I'd change the seals, but yours is fairly new.

I guess the "liquid packing" is a sealant/gasket maker? I generally use black permatex brand RTV silicone where a sealant is required. That's what I have become most comfortable with.

It's not a hard job, just pay attention to how it comes apart, and have everything ready and in place so you can do the project in one day. That way you won't be looking at a bunch of parts you disassembled 2 weeks ago and trying to remember how to put it back together.
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same problem


I have exactly the same problem (hit a Yew stump and bend the blade and crankshaft). I think I can do this, but I don't have (and haven't found a source for the shop manual). How did it go for you? Any chance you could copy and send me the info from your manual? I think all I need are the specs on torques/valve gaps and which o-ring needs to be replaced etc.



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