14.5 briggs


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14.5 briggs

my briggs has white smoke coming out of the exhaust and oil dripping from the muffler. recently changed the head gasket and set the valve timing ran for a while although it was running rough had a lot vibration and sounded like it was knocking. do you think i blew the new head gasket or would the govenor cause any of these symptoms.
please help
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Smell the motor oil for gas.White smoke and oil comming from the exhast are both classic symptms of the fuel inlet needle in the carb.stuck open.If this is the case,I bet the air filter is drenched too.You'll have to disassemble and soak the carburetor in chem-dip to clean.Be sure to take all the rubber and plastic parts out first.This is some strong acid and can burn skin/eyes,safty pervention is strongly recomended.

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