John Deere F525


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John Deere F525

I have 91 F525, it has a problem I cannot master. It will run for a short time and then die. I have replaced the fuel filter and cleaned air filter to no avail.Does it have an over heat sensor somewhere that could be bad and is shutting the engine down. Any help would be appreciated.
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Have you checked the fuel pump to see it is putting out a good volume of gas. Also, the carb float / needle may be sticking, just letting a little gas in and when the bowl runs dry, the engine stops. It certainly sounds like a gas starvation problem.
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Also try leaving the gas cap off to see if it isn't venting and creating a vacuum in the tank.
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FIRST: What engine is on your Deere, I would assume a 17hp Kawasaki but it could be different?
Second: How long does it run before dying?
Would you say it runs plenty long enough for the engine to get really well warmed up or does it shut down before that? A fairly quick shutdown would tend be be fuel related, longer and it could easily be the coil. Without this info it is hard to tell but assuming it does shut down fairly quickly then the previous posts should solve the problem. I would only add the possibility of trash in the tank or fuel line? Since the engine is as old as it is, if it were me, I would take this opportunity to clean the tank, replace all the fuel lines and do a complete rebuild of the carburetor. 17 bucks or so and it will be almost new! FINALLY: If the problem turns out to be the fuel pump you can replace it with a Briggs pump for about a third the cost of a Kawasaki pump from John Deere (a purist would disagree). Good Luck, Ron

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