2 cycle air in fuel line?


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2 cycle air in fuel line?

I'm stumped. I have a craftsman string trimmer with a 2cycle motor. It is fairly new and has maybe 3 hours of use. The last time I used it the engine leaned out (hi-revs) and would not restart. I noticed that there is a large amount of air bubbles in the fuel line on both sides of the carb. Also, it seems that the primer bulb isn't filling but otherwise works.

So assuming it 's the carb I took it apart cleaned the parts blew it out and reassembled. The same condition as before... will run with the fuel when primed then leans out and dies. Seems that there's no gas flow and you can see lots of air in the line. Same happens with cap loose or tight. There are no signs of gas leaks either.

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It sounds like the fuel line has a split or crack. I had a new trimmer with no run time on it with the same prob.Air in the fuel line. I looked in the tank at the line, and where it went through the top of the tank, it was split where it slid on the adp. for going through the tank. I pulled it out, cut it off a bit.Put it back on,and sofar it runs great...
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sound like you need to replace the fuel lines, draw yourself a diagram of the existing lines before you start for reference during reassembly. Have a good one. Geo

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