Husqvarna 325XL Line Trimmer Flywheel


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Husqvarna 325XL Line Trimmer Flywheel

The trimmer is about 4 years old and has always been relatively hard to start. I purchased a spark plug tester and it indicated a weak spark. A new ignition module was installed and the trimmer was used for about two hours and ran very well. The next day it would not start. I checked it with the spark plug tester and would get a spark in the first two times I pulled the cord, but nothing after that. After doing more reading on the electrical system, I decided to check the magnets on the flywheel. Using a home made device, I found that one of the magnets is weaker than the other by almost a factor of two. Supposedly, magnet failure is extremely rare. Is this the root of my problem? Could it be that the magnets have always been the reason the trimmer has been so hard to start all along?
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Likelihood of magnet problem ~ 0% unless you whacked the magnets with something hard.
Pull the plug and turn the crankshaft with a 1/2" drill and see if you get sparks to ground of the proper length (I forget; 3/16" long?) and color and sound. Don't widen the gap or the coil will fail due to voltage stress.
Run the drill at full speed so you don't burn out the speed control.

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Magnet problem=%0
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