Sears Cain Saw help


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Smile Sears Cain Saw help

I have a Sears Chain Saw 16 in Model 358.356330. It will run on choke then dies. Took it to a small engine shop He supposedly rebuilt the carb replaced fuel lines. He only blew out the fuel filter. No compression test. I tested it and it's over a 100lbs. It will run then stall or if you hit the throttle it stalls out.

He suggested a new carb. I have a feeling it could be the fuel filter collapses and chokes it out. It is a Poulan Made saw. Sears says the OEM filter part numberis 530091878.

What does everybody think?

Any ides would be greatly appreciated.
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To guess based on your description, I'd say it still has a carburetor problem or an air leak. Possibly the fuel lines connected to the wrong fittings.
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Smile Re Chainsaw stall

I bought a new fuel filter an fuel line. I will replace both filter and all fuel line.

I see in diagram there is a gasket of some type between carb and body. Can I use a regular auto gasket material and make a new gasket and gasket sealer?

Thanks guys.

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You can make a new gasket, But do not use a sealent.The reason I'm saying that is because 90 per cent of the people that use it, use too much & in this case would squeeze into the pulse signal passage & block it. A new gasket is $2.00 or less. You can't make one for this price,,, Roger
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Smile I think I solved the problem

I found that the fuel line itself was not replaced neither was the fuel filter. I replaced both also found the check valve in the fuel tank not on the vent line. Replaced line reinstalled valve. Reset both low and high carb screws. Saw fired right up. Adjusted idle screw then carb screws as manual instructed. Cut an old stump for dad. Hit a stone with saw. I stopped wouldn't restart. I gave up then when I got home I realized I only put about a quarter tank of gas in the darn thing. When I go back over there I'm betting it will be out of gas!

Wish me luck.


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