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Need help with Ryobi Blower Vac

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06-28-08, 06:56 AM   #1  
Need help with Ryobi Blower Vac

I have a Ryobi Mulching Blower Vac RGBV3100. I am "attempting" to change the starter cord. How the hell do I get to it. It appears I have to remove the extension nut from the shaft to get to the mechanism. Is this correct and if so what are some tricks to get it off (for a bloke who only has a number 2 screwdriver and a pair of old side cutters).

If successful with this, what should I be looking to do to repair its starting problem? When I put it to positon B when starting it runs for about 5 seconds then dies. I then have to crank it over in position A again before achieving the same result - hence the cord breaking after endless attempts to start the thing over the last few months.


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06-28-08, 07:22 PM   #2  
I am not Familiar with that particular Model, but I’ve been working on Ryobi brand outdoor power equipment of all kinds for years. And since it is not readily aspirant to you how to repair the recoil, I’m going to assume that it isn’t on the back of the unit,but rather inside the shroud. On every hand held Blower/Vic I have ever seen like this you've got to take the upper and lower fan housing and fan off in order to just get to the recoil Assy. (Via 4 torx headed screws that holds, the shord to the fan housing, then the 13-14 torx headed screws on bottom).
Take the screw below and above the spark plug out too in order to pry the two halves apart enough to get the recoil housing out.

Take out the 5 screws out of the recoil housing, lift off. Then you can get to the recoil pulley to replace the rope. After you put the rope on the pulley thread other end of rope through the recoil housing and the rope guide and handle grip, tie knot in the rope.
There’s a noch in the starter pulley, pull middle of rope through notch, wind pulley tight, then unwind 1 turn and pull rope handle.
TA-DAAAAA, put back together, Job done.

And the problem starting, I think is a simple carb. Adjustment.
Screw the high speed Adjustment screw in to lightly seat then unscrew 1 to 1- turn. You’ll will probably have to fine adjust from there.

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