2 hp B&S gear reduction engine


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2 hp B&S gear reduction engine

I have one that powers a capstan winch. It idles fine, but when you idle up it starts sputtering and eventually stalls. Compression is 30,60,90, I am not sure if that is bad for this engine. It is rated for almost 3000lbs of pull, but I can grab the capstan pully and stall the engine by squeezing it with just my hand.
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Is this a 2 stroke or 4 stroke?? First of all, I wouldn't recommend grabing a pully to test the output of anything!! However, have you tried a plug?? Is it a float type carb?? is the choke fully opening? Does it have a jet type bolt on the bottom of the bowl? It almost sounds like a fuel issue, If you post some engine numbers, the pros will have you going in no time!! Good luck,, Roger
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No carb, it's a throttle body. numbers are 60102 0222 01 6408263
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If this is a regular un-modified briggs engine, from the numbers you posted, you have a carb. Sounds like you need to remove the carb, clean it and the tank (these have a metal tank and the carb bowl in them often gets full of rust), and reassemble with new gaskets and diaphragm. Here is your carb...exploded view:


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