yardman transmission


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yardman transmission

The transmission on my 6 year old 20HP 46"cut Yardman finally gave-it-up (lots of grinding, gnashing & other interesting noises, and finally no go.. fwd or rev). It had been pretty noisy the last couple of seasons. It's a single speed AutoDrive that uses the variable speed pulley system, with the F,N,R shifter and a foot pedal. My question is... how difficult is it to replace the transmission? I'm somewhat mechanically adept.. like with home repairs, built my own composite deck, replaced the engine on my 3.5HP push mower... that sort of thing. I'm technically trained by profession, in electronics, but I've never done any kind of auto work. I'm a little concerned about attempting this repair, but so far I can't find a shop that will do this work quicker than 3-4 weeks. A new transmission is only $380, and if I can do it myself, that's not too bad. I'd really appreciate some advice, and any tips that may help. Thanks in advance.
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Not knowing the tractors model and serial number it is impossible to give specific advice. The AutoDrive transmissions are easy to repair. Remove the transmission, open it and see what has failed. It may be a simple part that failed. Typically, I see differential assembly failures, drive shaft, and bearing failures that cause gear damage. Clean everything and inspect CLOSELY before ordering parts.

Parts through online parts stores are often more costly than through a local dealer. Speak to a local dealer and negotiate the best price.
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MTD had a problem with these transmissions. There was a
problem with the pulley on the trans, the pulley nut did not hold,
and the pulley would strip and spin on its hub, and a new hub
and/or pulley is all that is needed for the repair. The slipping when it started gave you the odd noises, hopefully that is all you need.


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