$221.00 for a rebuild that lasts 1hr.!!??


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Angry $221.00 for a rebuild that lasts 1hr.!!??

Here's my story...

I just finished restoring a 1975 MDT garden tractor this winter.. yes, yes I know... running a little late ! But did manage to cut the grass and a nature trail we have on the property the other day.. 3 hours running with no problems.. Success !

Only problem I had to start it with a piece of rope wrapped around the front pulley, quite easy actually.

The stater/generator that I had rebuilt at a local place back on January 24 of this year and never tried to use until last Saturday seized up with one hour, before I started cutting the grass when I was driving it around on her first test run. I didn't notice the loud noise coming from it until I noticed it was smoking !? Stopped the tractor Went over to check it and realized the loud grinding noise and immediately killed the tractor.. It was very hot to say the least (the starter/gen)!

Took the back cover off the gen and you can see that the new ammeter they just installed is toast, the brass sleeve has chewed up the shaft pretty bad The back sleeve was bone dry !!?? A new rebuild !!?? $221.76CDN

On the invoice it says 90day warranty so I'm pretty well screwed. But no matter what the warranty says this starter/gen had really nothing wrong with it to begin with.. ran smooth and quiet, started the tractor for 33 YEARS!, only had a problem with charging. Is this what I get for trying to support local !

I could have bought a new one from china shipped in from the states for $140 plus shipping !

So do you think I should even try to go back and see if they take some pity on me (pity on me for something it would seem they did) !? I sure as heck wont be paying them to rebuild it again.

I'll order a new one this time thank you very much and for now I guess it's a b&s16hp pull start !

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I don't know how much the new one from China costs, but I can almost guarantee you'll be disappointed with it.

I used to build winches for launching RC model sailplanes, but the supply of good US-made motors has dried up. I tried switching to similar motors made in China, but the QC is horrible. Since I can't depend on the motors, I gave up building winches.

I hope your experience is better.
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I agree...stick with the old delco one you have, or you'll be having trouble forever with the junk from overseas. Take it to the rebuild shop and tell them your story. Your attitude about it will likely determine their willingness to help, since they aren't bound by the warranty anymore. Give them a chance to make good on their work. There are still folks out there who care about the quality of their work, and mistakes happen. Even worse, many rebuild shops are forced to buy junk parts from overseas since Americans don't make anything anymore. These parts fail prematurely and often aren't even good to start with. This makes a quality rebuild job hard to accomplish. In any case, the fact that the job and/or parts were bad should be apparent to the shopowner, and they may choose to do the right thing for you.

That's assuming the keyswitch didn't keep it engaged and that the regulator box is doing it's job properly.

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