Problem w 4-cycle Gas Trimmer (TB415CS)


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Question Problem w 4-cycle Gas Trimmer (TB415CS)

I took out the trimmer to use it for first time in summer - I tried to start it by filling with gas, pressed bulb, and pulled the string. There was alot of tension and it just pulled back in. The motor didn't do anything. I just bought it last summer and it worked perfectly. What should I do?
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Take the spark plug out and see if it will crank. Be careful, gas may spew out the plug hole if the cylinder has filled with gas. If not, the engine is locked up for some reason...will have to explore to find the cause.
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While that plug is out, pour in a little Marvel Mystery Oil or a few squirts of Seafoam Deep Creep, re-install spark plug, and let it soak for a day or two with the piston(spark plug hole) facing up. Don't force things loose. Just keep working it until she breaks free. Good luck!............ ALAN
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Check to see if it is still covered by warranty before you do anything, if so take it back to where you bought it. If you start messing with it you will void the warranty. Have a good one. Geo
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I have seen a lot of these 4-cycle trimers come into the shop that will not pull over. Mostly it appears that the engine was stored with the spark plug down where the crankcase oil filled up the valve cover and also fill the cylinder. Removed the spark plug and was able to pull them over to purge the oil in the cylinder. Recheck the crankcase oil and fill if necessary. Most of the units started up but smoked for sometime, but eventually quit smoking. I tell my customers to be careful on how the 4-cycle units are stored. Good Luck. You can remove the spark plug without voiding the warrenty.

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