Stx 38 Big Bang!!


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Stx 38 Big Bang!!

Last week as I'm mowing... the mower stops cutting suddenly but the "pull-up" lever is still pulled up. I push the brake in a bit and suddenly it starts mowing. I let the brake out. I finish up. I check underneath and all seems good. Push Switch by brake pedal seems to work. Now yesterday, I mow my rear yard and then start the front yard. Same problem, stops mowing, then I push in the brake and it starts mowing again. One second later huge huge big bank, like a gunshot! Mower stops mowing that same second and engine still running and mower is moving forward. I thought I'd check this site out before calling John Deere. I suspect the electric pulley that engages the mower belt gave up. Anyone able to clarify this problem??
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My guess is that you broke the belt that drives the mower deck.

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