battery chargers for small equipment


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battery chargers for small equipment

I know this is not a place for battery charger discussion but is is where most are used. I have a bit of complaining to do about the new battery chargers we all use to keep our mowers and cars charged up during problems. Last year I purchased a fancy,dancy electronic battery charger to keep my mowers and tractors charged up, It was replacing a old 25 year old Sears,unregulated cheap charger that finally smoked. That charger which I repaired a couple times with Radio shacks diodes.
The new one lasted just about as long as the warranty. I went out yesterday and it would not do anything. Now here is a 79 dollar box of chinese electronics that can't be fixed by me or by the factory for less then it cost. What a piece of crap. Circuit components so small you would need a magnifyer to even see them.
My next one if I purchase one will be the old style unregulated
charger with a external timer hooked to it to shut it of so it wont over charge.
I have worked on electronics devices for many years. DDM,VOM and soldering pencil and you could pretty much fix the old stuff by soldering in new parts or cleaning a relay or contact. Today its all crap. Runs good until it quits and then goes right to the garbage.

Sorry to tie up your forum but just had to get it off my chest how so much stuff goes in the garbage because they are simply unrepairable today.
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I would much rather see you vent here, than hear about you on the news in a clock tower. lol

good luck and have a great day
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I have been using that small "float" charger from Harbor Freight to maintain without overcharging over the seasons. I have more than half a dozen for the standby generator, unused car, etc. At under $10 (on sale) and 1/2A max output, I no longer lose batteries each winter. Work well, if you don't get them wet. Don't unplug them from AC, or they will eventually run your battery down.

Yes the new stuff is unrepairable junk, which is why active stuff here dates as far back as the 50s.

Bruce Roe
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I have a 10 year old Sears trickle maint. charger--hook up every winter to Die hard tractor battery-battery still good after 8 years. My main charger is a 44 year old Sears unit-
slow charge or boost to start car. It still works great.....

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