Troy-Bilt Tiller Engine help


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Troy-Bilt Tiller Engine help

I'm new to this list and need some help with my TB Tiller
engine: Tecumseh TC300. We don't use it that much and
always drain gas/run til empty/even though we have
sometimes used a gas stabilizer.

It's very predictable: after sitting for 3-6 months it won't
start. Fresh gas mix/new plug/clean air filter. Still no go.
So I take it to the repair shop. It's usually something dealing
with the fuel line/carb. After paying 1/3 the price of the
tiller, it runs again until it sits for another 3-6 months.

I've rebuilt old cars from the frame up and even maintained
a British car for a while, so I do have some skills but when
it comes to this engine--I'm completely incompetent.

Anyone have any recommendations on how I (not the repair shop) can get this tiller running and keep it that way?

Thanks in advance. Glenn
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Running it out of fuel like you do is probably contributing to the problem. When you run it out of fuel, it never really uses ALL the fuel. It runs until the fuel mixture gets too lean for the engine to run, and then it stalls. That leaves small residual amounts of fuel in the tank, lines, filter, and carburetor. Small amounts of fuel go bad extremely fast, and it gums up and makes things stick and clog. If you are leaving the tiller in a cool, dark, dry place, then I would add stabilizer and fill the tank. This alone may solve the problem, but anytime you leave a diaphragm-type carb equipped 2-stroke engine for 6 months, you're asking for problems. The best thing you can do is run it once in a while.

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