only 1/2 blonde needs help bolens BL 150 trimmer


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only 1/2 blonde needs help bolens BL 150 trimmer

mens tools suck sometimes. and yes i know it helps to have the manual. you guys have helped me in the past with my crapsman aka craftsman trimmer. well i kicked that one to the curb and now i have a bolens BL 150. and like all other gas trimmers its a pain in the --- to start. but...thats not my question this time. all i want to know do i get the head off, not the spool but the spool holder thing. reason being i bought a weed thrasher, quit says monster blades last alot longer than the trim line, which never feeds right. but it says remove the head/spool. well spool no problem but ummm where do i go from here?
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I don't know your exact model number, but I looked at the parts illustrations for a couple of Bolens trimmers. They all show a "retainer" on the shaft behind the spool. It looks like a washer in the parts illustration, but I'm guessing it's going to look sorta like this:

or this:

If that's what it looks like, you just lift one edge with a sharp edged tool, and continue working it off the shaft. I don't know of any tool to remove it without damaging it, but it may be reusable if you're careful.

The other possibility is that it just screws on. There will be a hole where you insert a rod to keep the output shaft from turning. You'll have to turn the shaft to get the holes lined up. Then you'll be able to turn the head to unscrew it. It's probably a left-hand thread, so you'll have to turn the head clockwise.

Do you have the owner's manual? There's probably something in there about installing a blade instead of the string thing. The info will be there.

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I had the same trimmer and gave to my brother. I will look to see if I have then manual and see if tells how to remove. Also there were a set of directions to start and always started easliy. If I did anything different then those directions it was pain. If I foind the manual I can post those if needed.

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