JD Ztrak 727 engine problems HELP!


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JD Ztrak 727 engine problems HELP!

I own a JD Ztrak 23hp mower- 2 cylinder kawasaki engine. About a couple of weeks ago, i noticed a loss of power, so i did a couple of test on it. First, i disconnected one spark plug and no noticeable difference in power, i pluged it back in and tried the second one, the machine turned off. Well, i went and purchased a couple of spark plugs, changed the fuel filter and oil. I tried the machine again, and the same thing. I took a chance and just assumed it was the coil, so i went ahead and replaced it. It worked fine for one mowing and now its back to the same thing, but its the other cylinder that is not working now. I pulled both spark plugs and cranked it, they both fire. I put back the spark plugs and only connected the bad side. It took a couple of cranks, but it started and so i plugged in the second spark plug and it works great. I restart it and its back to only one side working. If i start the machine with only the bad side plugged in, and then plug the other, the machine works fine. If i start the machine with both spark plugs connected to the machine its back to only one cylinder working. Could it be some electrical board? Timing? if its timing, how did it get off timing?
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Well Kawasaki does recommend replacing both sides when one fails.

Your problem could be another thing entirely. These engines have solid lifters and push rods that require periodic adjustments. You might want to check the compression on both cylinders and see if you have good compression on both. If they get too loose, you can have a push rod fall off a rocker and that cylinder will die, even though it has good spark.

If you don't keep the cylinders fins clean for good cooling or change your oil enough, you can also have issues with the valves seizing in the valve guide and bending a push rod as well.

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