Belt smoking underneath...


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Belt smoking underneath...

I've got an Murray Riding Lawnmower 14 H.P. I think the belt to the cutting deck is too tight. When I engage it, it cuts fine. When I disengage it, the belt doesn't completely stop. The belt smokes, probably too tight. Any suggestions??
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more than likely there's a idler puley not turning.Or there's a belt guide rubbing on the belt somewhere.Both of these will still let the blades turn and make the belt smoke as you describe.

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Idler pulley? I thought everything stopped when it is disengaged
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Is the idler pulley releasing to it's full potential? I've seen on several occasions where rust or debris gets in the pivot area of the idler arm, keeping it from releasing as far as it should. Usually a bit of cleaning and lube fixes it.

Did this start after replacing the belt? If so, did you use the right belt? Some murrays use a spring to pull the idler arm. Sometimes the end of the spring that goes into the idler arm gets pushed farther into the hole and jams a bit, causing the idler to be partially engaged when it's shut off. Older models used a linkage with an adjustable trunion on the end and it can be adjusted to compensate for belt length variations.

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