Gasonline Volatility Over Time


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Gasonline Volatility Over Time

Does gasoline ever lose its volatility? Such as gas that has sat in a fuel tank for many years, will it still burn?
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Yes it looses volatility. Yes, old gas will still burn but it does not ignite as easily and it does not burn with the same vigor.
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Depending on how badly it has degraded, it may not work well or at all in an engine. It may need to be disposed of or used a bit at a time by mixing it into new gas.
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This thread reminded me that an animal had chewed the top off a 5 gallon jug of gasoline I had outside las summer. It was several weeks before I discovered it and water and dirt had contaminated the gas so I relegated it to starting bonfires. At first I would pour a small amount on the kinling, wrap newspaper around a rock, light it and toss. There was a loud "whuump" before the flaming newspaper ever got to the wood. About 3 months ago I could pour the gas on the wood, wait a minute and then light it with a bar-b-que lighter without much excitement. This evening I poured the old gas over a pile of kinling and crumpled newspaper. I lit a corner of newspaper wet with the old gas and it slowly burned for a few seconds before slowly going out in a whisp of smoke. I had to get some dry newspaper burning and making heat before the old gas would burn (once there was some heat it did burn well).

A year in an open container is way too long for gasoline.

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