Rebuilding a Briggs from a Simplicity Soverign 3416H tractor. Tips anyone?


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Smile Rebuilding a Briggs from a Simplicity Soverign 3416H tractor. Tips anyone?

My dad and I are about to rebuild a 16hp Briggs and Stratton from a Simplicity Sovereign Lawn Tractor
Tractor model 3416H.
B&S engine model 326431 Type 0127 Mfg# 990871
The engine is an easy-start model.

I was wondering if anyone have some tips related to this engine or the rebuilding process that the Briggs rebuild manual might not mention? I have a few specific questions though.

Is there a place online people like to get rebuild kits? Otherwise we're just buying from our local shop.

We have the head off, and surprisingly, I can jiggle the piston a little in the sleeve from side-to-side; how tight are the tolerances supposed to be on a cold B&S engine?
I was under the impression it should be a tighter fit...but just dragging my finger across it does that.
It burnt lots of oil prior to teardown....hence the rebuild. I was just making sure we dont need to get a new piston...

I think that's it for now... except we can't get the 90 degree exhaust fitting off the block. we got the ring nut loose that's used to put pressure between the threads and the block, but the threads are stuck into the block pretty well on their own with rust... any tips for removing it? we've used penetrating lube several times but no luck. We're going to try sticking a prybar/cheater bar in the pipe and turning it next.

We need to get the flywheel nut off too...we're still thinking on that one.

Thanks for reading all that! It's my first time here, but it seems like a very popular forum! (not my first forum, by far, however)
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Hello and welcome Figit090,

The only way to tell if the piston needs to be replaced is to measure it. If it is below minimum specs, replace it. You'll probably also want to check the cylinder bore specs. Sounds like there's a chance it may be out of acceptable range. One quick way to get a small idea of how badly the cylinder is worn is to check the ridge at the top of the cylinder where the rings never touch. If there is enough ridge to catch your fingernail, check the bore size.
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Thanks cheese!

I'll check it out.

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