JD 318 loud/grinding hydro


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JD 318 loud/grinding hydro

Hey everyone, I just moved into a place that has a jd 318 with an Onan engine. It wouldn't hardly turn the blades so I started looking at it and found no spark on one cylinder. After replacing the coil and wires and condenser, and plugs, the motors running great. Now after cutting for a couple minutes, the hydrostatic transmission it making a grinding noise sometimes and it's very jerky. There was oil dripping from underneath. So is there someting common on these? What could be the problem.

Thanks, Dale.
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Did you check the tranny to make sure it isn't running out of fluid? It probably is low if it's leaking that badly. You'll need to find the leak and fix it.
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Where is the oil dripping from? These have a rubber hose on the rear axle that can crack with age and leak, also most have a glass tube that is visible thru a slot in the rear of the frame (between the hitch and the seat pan at the rear). The fluid level should be half way in that slot, or it will have a dipstick. These do NOT use motor oil in the tranny. Use either type "F" automatic transmission fluid (red in color) or Deere Lo-vis Hygard fluid (amber in color) If what you have leaking out is another color, then drain it all , and replace the filter.
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Thanks guys. I picked up a new filter and fluid tonight, and I will check all the hoses and see where the leak is. The fluid is low, so
I'll give a try.

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