Sears LT-20 Spindle Replacement??


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Sears LT-20 Spindle Replacement??

First post on this site as a new member. I used the search function for this site, but I did not find the answer to my specific question for my Sears LT-20 Garden Mower.

I hit a rather large stone/rock this week and the spindle housing has broken for the left blade.

My questions is/are:- Do I have to remove the mower deck (or is it just easier to do so)...- Should I just purchase the housing, or should I buy the housing that contains the shaft and bearing(s)? I will check the shaft for trueness once I remove the assembly, just don't know what is involved in removing the shaft/bearing(s) from the housing. Do I need a bearing puller and press??


Greg In Maine
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Post the model numbers off of the tag under the seat, it
should start with 917.XXXXXX

I am assuming that you have the spindle type with the 3
bolt mt. and the star shaped blade. If you check with a
few mower shops, aftermarket companies have been making
a heavy duty version, and they are less in price as well.
The bolts are self tapping type, and usually break on
dis-assembly. The bearings tap out fairly easily, but I
would suggest taking it all apart first, so you know exactly what you need.

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Thanks Fish, the model number (from under the seat) is 917.276813. Can you give the names (or links) of some of the aftermarket companies that make a heavier duty spindle. My first glance tells me that Sears definetly skimped on the spindle material.

What is involved in taking this spindle assembly off? Does the deck have to come off? From first glance it looks like the pulley comes off first?

Thanks again,

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Yep, take the pulley off, then the 3 bolts that hold tha mendrel to the deck. It is probably going to be easier to remove the deck to do this. If the bearings and shaft are good, then reuse them. The lower bearing woll probably come out with the shaft. The top bearing should knock out from underneath fairly easily. The housing runs about 15 bucks from aftermarket companies. Most small engine shops should have them.

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