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Cool BriggsandStratton Engine

I just bought a Craftsman L2000 with a B&S 20, HP engine, Mod #331777. It is a great mower, however one problem since the day it bought. About 15 minutes into mowing the engine starts to die, then catches itself (I put it in neutral) and runs again for same time and same thing happens.

I have changed the spark plug, checked filter, etc. same problem. I did find one solution to the problem Keep the gas tank over three quarters full, and it runs fine. Let the gas amount fall to just below a half-tank, and problem starts.

It is a gravity fed fuel system with pressurized cap. I suspect that the fuller tank of gas weighs more and thus keeps a steadier pressure on the fuel flow. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks, Ramb37

PS I've talked to B&S tech support, they feel it may be carbureation, however their solution is a new carb. It is under warranty and Sears has been out once, but the machine would/'nt act up. Go figurte!
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Initial responses will probably involve the fuel cap, which
needs to vent, or else a buildup of vacuum will starve the
carb for fuel, and mimic your problem, and can be easily tested
by loosening the cap as the problem starts to occur.

If it is not the cap, please post the tractor's model number,
so I can see exactly what you have, and also any other
info, like having to jump the battery, etc.....

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Thanks Fisher,

I'll try the gas cap solution and let you know.


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