Briggs 19 HSP Twin I/C


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Briggs 19 HSP Twin I/C

I have a Craftsman 42" cut mower with a briggs 19 horse twin I/C motor. On occasion the carb seems to flood out and the mower won't start. The other day I was mid mow and the mower just died and then backfired, then wouldn't start again, appeard to be flooded. A friend suggested pulling the carb bowl because he thought maybe there was somje crud in the bowl or somehow the carb got out of adjustment.
Does anyone have any suggedtions, I have never taken apart the carb and have had this mower since 1999. She has been an excellent mower, I have changed the oil, plugs, air filter like clockwork.
Does anyone have any suggestions
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Check to verify that you have spark @ the plugs with a known good sparkplug before tearing the carb apart.. I'm thinking a coil or a safety switch,, Let us know,, Roger
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I'm having almost the same problem. Today I tried to start it, and it took a while. Eventually i I was able to get it running. Once it was running it was fine. Shut it down and can't get it running again.

What I've done so far.

1. Re-built Carb - $30
2. Changed Coil - $40
3. Changed Plugs - $4

It's almost like it's not getting fuel, then after i give it gas it floods.

Tell me more about the safety switch?

Please help!
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PFRYS, I agree with Hopkinsr2...check for spark when it dies. These engines are prone to coil failures and a failing coil acts just as you described.

jdubes, start a new thread about your problem so we don't get confused trying to diagnose 2 different engines in one thread. Post your engine model# and mower model# so we know what you have. The safety switches won't allow it to fire at the plug. I think you have a carb problem.

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