19.5 Briggs & Stratton V Twin Hard Start


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19.5 Briggs & Stratton V Twin Hard Start

I have a hard starting Briggs & Stratton motor. Model #42E700 - Type Numbers 1280-2531. Here's the link to the Briggs Manual. http://www.briggsandstratton.com/pdf...100/MS1102.pdf

Today I tried to start it, and although it took a while eventually i I was able to get it running. Once it was running it was fine. Shut it down and can't get it running again. Turned it over for a WHILE and no luck re-starting it.

What I've done so far.

1. Re-built Carb - $30
2. Changed Coil - $40
3. Changed Plugs - $4 (Changed Before Problem)
4. New Fuel Filter - (Changed Before Problem)
5. Changed - (Changed Before Problem) - Synthethic
6. Checked Compression seemed good in the 100+ psi range.

The funny about this is that the Oil, Filter and Plug change happened before this problem started. Did not see this problem before. Then one day i was cutting the grass, stopped for a second. Tried to start it, and no luck starting it. It just wouldn't start.

1. Could this be a valve adjustment problem?
2. Bad Gas?

It's almost like it's not getting fuel, then after i give it gas it floods.

Could i have a ground problem? I'm at a loss here. These motors are so simple, why is this a pain in the butt.

Please help!

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You need to step back and start the diagnosis procedure
from the begining. Before the oil change and this problem,
did you do anything else to the engine/mower, replace a
switch, work on the starter, etc??...

If not, then you need to check for spark. Just use a good
plug. Plug it in the spark plug wire, and let the metal side of
the plug touch the engine metal while some one sits on and cranks the engine while you look at the plug.

Try this and let us know.

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The mower was running perfect prior to this problem. I didn't change one thing.

What I've learned today.

1. Battery Power: Even though the mower turns over doesn't mean you'll get spark.

First i checked the plug spark, no spark. I charged my battery, i got a spark. Does this sound right?

I was able to get it running today.

2. When the mower sits shut-off, it seems like it's getting flooded. After i did get it started, from that point on the mower started rough. I no longer use the choke or give it fuel to start.

Does this help?
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DOes it blow black smoke from the muffler when it does start, even when you aren't choking it? If so, I'd say the carburetor is leaking fuel while it is shut off, and flooding the engine like you suspect.
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It definetly does blow black smoke. I just re-built the carb. I would have thought the carb re-build would have corrected the float problem. I'll take it apart again and clean it and report back.

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