Hedge Trimmer Won't Start


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Question Hedge Trimmer Won't Start

Sears 2-Cycle Hedge Trimmer with Zama C1U-W4D Carb will not start.

1. Have taken carb apart, sprayed with carb fluid, installed new Pump Diaphragm & Gasket and Metering Chamber Diaphragm & Gasket.
2. Installed new Inlet Needle Valve and spring; Screen OK and installed correctly.
3. Primer bulb works and draws gas from tank thru carb back into tank.
4. Spark Plug OK. On-Off Switch is in On Position. Will fire if Carb Fluid is sprayed thru carb into engine.
5. Removed Low and High Mixture Screws. Sprayed Carb Fluid into holes. Reinstalled screws (long screw in to L and short screw into H). Backed both needles off 1 1/2 turns. Did not fire. Then backed off 1/2 additional turn. Nothing. Tried with choke closed and with choke open.
6. Have not removed welch plug.
7. I have the Zama Technical Guide, but cannot seem to find answer.

What can I do to further troubleshoot this?


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Sounds like something is still plugged in the carb and in need of more cleaning. Did you verify that all passages are clear from one end to the other?

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