Pressure washer stalls - Carb?


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Pressure washer stalls - Carb?

I located a previous post that may answer my quetion some. I have a Craftsman washer that was given to me. When first filling with fuel, it ran out near the carb. I took the bowl off and it was gunked up some. I managed to clean and free the float. Fuel no longer leaks out. The problem is now that when you engage the nozzle, it stalls the engine out. Is it likely that I need to clean the entire carb to solve that?

Also, the pump has an oil plug missing on the side. I am guessing that it vibrated off? Could this effect the operation any? I am attempting to get one. Provided there is oil in it, is it okay to run that way as long as I keep water/dirt out? I will likely need to add some oil to the pump as it is just below the plug level. If so, what type of pump oil would be best? Thanks for any help!!
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Sounds like the carb needs a more thorough cleaning. As for the missing plug, replace it before using it. I don't know what brand pump you have, but you can generally use sae30 in them.
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Thanks. It is a Craftsman and I understand that they are not the best and have pump problems fairly frequently. I was hoping that my issue is not pump related........

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