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Post murry rider wiring

I am wiring a mower to use switches instead of the key. (key doesnt work well- probably just dirty. call it a project, prefrence, whatever you want)
i have a wiring diagram and i have most figured out, but i dont know what to do with the a/c output from the stator. Is that just for the lights or does that need to be hooked into the battery as well?

from the stator there is a red (d/c output) and white (a/c output)
so- what do I need to connect the white wire to?

also, simply switching off battery power should turn off the mower right? Originally the key connects the spark plug to ground in the off position.

murray rider # 40541x99C

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Ok, finally found an article that answered my question-

that stator has 2 outputs- one to run lights and one that is regulated to charge the battery.

I still need an answer to question part 2 though, course trial and error will answer that too....
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Switching power off won't kill it unless it has a fuel shutoff solenoid. You need to ground the kill wire to the coil to properly kill the engine.
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Thanks for the quick reply!
It worked out great and I think it looks awesome.
I always learn something new from little projects like this and thats one of the best parts. I have never wired a motor or really known how an alternator supplies power and charges the battery.
I had the parts already, but they probably would cost around $10.

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