Reasonable Repairs for a Chain Saw?


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Reasonable Repairs for a Chain Saw?

I recently brought my chain saw in to be tuned up. It was sitting in my basement, in it's case w/ no fuel or oil left in it, for several years. When I went to use it again, it was very hard to start. (Took two of us, one to hold it down and apply throttle, and the other to pull) I recalled it being a little hard to start when I stored it.

It's a Craftsman 18", and was quite expensive. It has cut down one tree and some brush. Maybe 6 to 8 hours of total running time. I've been careful to make sure the gas/oil mix was close to recommended, kept the oil res. full and didn't put any irregular stress or use on it.

The repair shop calls and says the whole thing needs to be re-built. Fly-wheel bearing, crank bearing, piston, rings, oil pump, everything. (I'm assuming they mean the chain oiler?) Last I recalled, a 2-stroke doesn't have an oil pump, per se.

It was a little hard to start, not impossible to run. And when it ran, it wasn't making any weird noises or vibrations. Once it warmed up it wasn't to hard to re-start. I just asked them to dial it in for me....

Are they full of it, or can this thing actually have so much wrong after just 6 to 8 hours of use.....? I could imagine it if I was running it with no oil in the mix, but come on.

I am going to talk with the tech and I will get a second opinion. I'm hoping they are talking about someone else's saw...
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If it was used with the proper oil mix, I cannot imagine that it would need all this work. I would expect that the carburetor would need to be rebuilt and perhaps the fuel lines may also need replacing, possibly a new spark plug and air filter as well. Beyond that I would be surprised, if it's has as little use as you described and was used and maintained properly prior to this. The hard to pull, could have been some accumulation of oil in the cylinder and crankcase, but this is easily remedied without a complete disassembly.
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I agree with AAWrench. If the saw has as much use as you described, and was taken care of like you described, I don't think there's much any chance that your saw needs all the mentioned repairs. If it has so much compression that it's hard to pull, then I'd say the piston, rings, etc.. are fine, and I also very seriously doubt that it could need bearings and the oil pump (for the oiler I assume as well, as that's the only oil pump on it). Sounds like you might need to find another shop. Bad part is they'll probably want to charge for looking at it too. I wouldn't generally have a problem with that, provided I was confident I would get an honest report of it's condition.
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It wasn't really hard to pull, just required a lot of pulling to get started. This ended up taking two of us due to the amount of effort required. (Resulting in a few blisters...) And that it would only start with the throttle pinned on full and the choke engaged. But compression-wise, it felt normal while pulling the cord. None of my other 2-cycle engines have any issues and they have had a lot more use than the saw. Once it started and warmed up, it still required the throttle to be depressed while pulling, but only takes a couple of pulls. This lead me to believe it just needed to be tuned up/dialed in. When it was running, there were no abnormal vibrations and the chain operated just fine. It would also idle w/ no problem.

I'm hoping they're not trying to pull a fast one and I end up with someone else's saw or parts. Hopefully they just mixed up the slips during the initial call, but it's not likely.

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