Featherlite leaf blower wont' start


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Featherlite leaf blower wont' start

The leaf blower got left outside and it rained like crazy. Have not been able to get the blower to start since.

Removed gas tank, dumped gas and cleaned it up.

Removed carb and cleaned it completely.

Replaced spark plug and then checked for spark. Checked ok.

It never attempts to start. Sprayed some gas in carb and still did not attempt to start. Checked spark again and it is firing correctly. Also bypassed the stop switch to make sure it wasn't that.

Could the exhaust have got clogged enough to stop it from trying to start at all. Any help would be appreciated.
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Take tthe muffler off,and check the spark arrester in the muffler.Check the compression with a gauge,should be at least 90# or better.I like it to be 120# or better.

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Thanks. I'll try taking the muffler off today.

As far as compression, i will have to get gauge first. thanks.
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If this were a high end blower then I would suspect the muffler and I always clean them no matter what. I kind of doubt that's the problem. I suspect it was just at the end of it's life expectancy and the cylinder head and piston are scored. The dang things are only rated for a very few hours and they seldom last longer. Before assuming the worst You may just have a touchy carb and need to play with the adjustments a bit. I again suspect that the carb is one that can not be adjusted...not easily anyway...I use featherlite because I can't use anything heavy. When they do this to you it's probably time to buy a better quality product or like me just buy another featherlite because trying to repair them can make you "Stupid" and "Disgusted", trust me? Ha! If you check the compression I'll bet it's around 60 lbs that's just about the case with every one I see. Good luck, Ron

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