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Question craftsman leaf blower

i recently purchased a craftsman leaf blower at a garage sale. i have tried to start it with the spark plug in it just boggs down and will not even try to start. with the spark plug out it tries to start. i have replaced the plug. i am getting spark from the coil. it has a spot for a ground wire. but doesnt have one. model number 358797342. please help
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I am not sure how it can "try to start" with spark plug out. That makes no sense, sorry. Anyway 2 areas to look at is the carb, put a kit in and the muffler screen, it could be clogged. I would not spend a lot of time on it unless you enjoy it they are basically "disposable" only engineered to run for approx. 50 hours.
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Craftsman Leaf Blower - Starting problems Model 358797342

Thanks to a 'genius' on this formum, I have solved my similar problem with my Craftsman Leaf Blower model 358797342.
The first issue I had, was the muffler bolts cam loose from the head and reamed out one of the holes on the cyclinder head. I was able to reverse the bolts, clean up the melted plastic and re-attach the muffler and that solved that problem. Then I noticed that there seemed to be oil on the case between uses which I would wipe down and continue using the blower. Then recently, the blower became nearly impossible to start. After many pulls and chokes, it would finally stay running and after it got hot, would stay running just fine.
After reading posts on this forum about another CRAFTSMAN LEAF BLOWER of similar style, Someone mentioned loose cylider bolts.. This made perfect sense since the muffler bolts had come loose.. I decided to make one last attempt to fix the problem. Removing the case to this beast is a real challenge!~ This case has tons of hex head bolts that require a LONG allen wrench to reach. In addition, the carberator and it's lever controls and gasket are difficult to replace. I would not recommend this operation for the mechanically challenged. However, I like this kind of challenge and decided to go for it.
I removed all of the bolts and carb and handle and separated the shell case. YES one of the two head bolts was loose by a turn and a half !. This explains why the hard starting, oil leaking, etc and after it got hot, would work fine.. I tightened the head bolts and carefully re-aseembled the case. I made a mistake on the speed control by not getting the pressure washer correct. The speed control had no resistance and would not stay on high speed. This meant taking the case aprt on emore time, and putting the pressure washers in the right place..I added a new spark plug and fired it up. PERFECT.
I started it at least ten times. Runs perfectly and Thanks to whoever posted the loose head bolt solution!.. Beer 4U2
The only thing I want to do now, and I would recommend this to anyone who does this fix, is to drill two 3/8 inch holes in the plastic case to allow future tightening of those pesky head bolts WITHOUT having to remove the case.
Thanks again
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I have done many of these blowers,with loose head bolts.I put lock washers on the bolts and blue locktight hat comes in a tube.Never had a problem since.Hope this helps.


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