Fuel leak - Ryobi 705r trimmer


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Fuel leak - Ryobi 705r trimmer

My trimmer has a Fuel Return Line that goes from the priming bulb back to the fuel tank. Problem is that there is just a hole in the bottom of the tank and the line in just pushed through it - no fittings, no gasket, nothing. Well after a few years there seems to be a poor seal between the fuel line and gas tank and gas just dribbles out.

Has anyone encountered this? Possible solutions? I've tried to enlarge the fuel line without success and I've contemplated putting a bit of shrink tubing on the end of the fuel line, but I'm not optimistic about that.

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There should be a little insert in the end of the return line during installation the tip is pulled through the hole along with the fuel line to create a good seal. I have had good luck using Stihl fuel line as a substitute when the insert has been lost, the normal line is plastic .5mm and the Stihl is rubber and .6mm. It has worked for me. Have a good one. Geo
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The fuel line has just shrunk with age. The fuel line you are speaking of is the return line. The line is a little larger than the hole in the tank and the size difference is what creates the seal.

I suggest you replace both lines, as it is a matter of time before the other goes. The other line is the inlet line with filter installed inside the tank. Look at it closely to see how it goes together and works. You may want to replace the fuel filter also if it is dirty.

Paying attention to where each line is connected, remove the lines. Go to a local small engine shop and ask him for the equivalent Tygon line.

Here is a parts list:

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Success, I think

Thanks guys,

Geo - The regular fuel line has a little fitting, but there is no little insert on the return line and none shown on the parts diagram. But your mention of the rubber Stihl line encouraged me to try out an Echo rubber fuel line that they had at HDepot. It's a bit bigger and once I trimmed the end on a slant so I could get in into the hole it seems to work fine.

Airman - I think that you are right - the line probably did just shrink with age and exposure to the fuel. I replaced all of the lines a 2-3 years ago with the same kind of fluorescent/translucent yellow line that the trimmer came with. I bought a couple of extra feet of line, but for the life of me, I can't find it now. As I recall, replacing the filter and fitting on the end of the fuel supply line was a pain, so I'm going to put that off for awhile and see if the new rubber Echo fuel return line stops my leak for the time being.

thanks again.
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Ryobi 705R fuel line diagram

I need a picture of where the fuel lines go on my Ryobi 705R. My lines broke in my hands before I could see where they all went. Can anyone help me out? I need a picture of where the 2 lines from the tanks go and where they fit in the carb & bulb. I am not sure where any of them go....HELP!

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