OVXL125 compression release?


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OVXL125 compression release?

I have a MTD riding mower with a Tecumseh OVXL125 engine that I am trying to get in good running condition. Does anyone know if this engine has compression release? I am thinking that it does because I set the lash on the compression stroke and now the starter has a real hard time turning the motor over. The manual says to set the lash tdc on the compression stroke. But isn't that when the compression release is working? How do you set it correctly?
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Well, just to make sure it is not a terminology thing, The cycle
has 2 top dead centers, on one of them one valve is closing
while the other is opening, on the top center you want
is when both valves are closed. Set the valve clearance
at this point.

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That is where I set it. But isn't that where the release is?
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Usually if you go just past tdc to where the piston is starting down you will make sure you are not on the compression release. We were instructed to have the piston starting on the down stroke about a 1/4 inch.

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