6.5 B&S Wont run past 3 minutes


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6.5 B&S Wont run past 3 minutes

Purchased a yard kart for daughter. The motor was stuck (B&S 135202). A repair guy recomended marvel oil in the plug hole suggesting that the motor had been tipped over. This worked the motor tuned freely. With a new plug the motor fired up on the first pull.

The problem: It runs great for a few minutes and dies. It seems to run long enough to heat up. When I pull off the air filter cover, I see lots of fuel flowing under the butterfly. The plug is wet with what appears to be fuel. It will run briefly with some choke, the filter off, and some effort. After this, it will not run at all until it cools off. The last time, it belched a bit of black smoke and spit out a spark as it stalled.

I have replaced the diaphram in the carb, pulled the head cover and de-carboned the valves and piston, used seafoam in the fuel, and cleaned off the flywheel surface.

I checked the continuity on the coil. It appeared within normal range but I have been told that this is not reliable. I did a spark test with the plug laying on the block. I couldnt see a spark but I definetly felt it!

Any help would be appreciated.
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Do you reasonably good compression? If the engine was stuck and oil freed it up, there is a possibility that there may also be stuck piston rings and or damage to the piston and cylinder.

You may also want to test for spark as soon as it dies, to see if there is a problem with the ignition module as it heats up some.
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Black smoke is an indication of excessive fuel. That goes along with your seeing fuel flowing under the butterfly, the wet plug, and the carbon buildup on the valves.

The engine is flooding. You don't want to choke it. That just floods it more.

Can you get the entire model number? It should be something like 135202-xxxx-xx.
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The complete engine ID is the following:



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