loading a riding mower into back of truck ?


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Question loading a riding mower into back of truck ?

I bought some ramps for loading a riding mower (or 4wheler when i get one) into the back of my ful sized truck. Anyone got a suggestion for how to manuver a riding mower up the ramps, without disaster ?

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Im really thinking that getting a small trailer is best. The mental images of a lawn tractor falling on me is keeping me awake at night

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Make the ramps with a raised edge on both sides of each plank. That'll make it hard to drive off the side. And make the ramps long enough so the angle isn't too steep.

I back my trailer into the ditch to load the tractor.
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There is no big secret to using ramps. Properly place them (make sure they do not slip or move when you start to drive up), line up your tractor and slowly drive up. Do not stop on the ramps. Often the biggest problem I see are the mower deck catches at the top of the ramp. Try backing up to a hill or into a ditch to make the ramp angle as shallow as possible.

Driving off the side of the ramps is harder to do than you would think. Ramps are wide and your tractor tires are wide so you have a large margin of error.

Get to know your ramps and inspect them before each use. If you spot anything getting stretched, bent or cracked do not use them. A friend of my parents is seriously handicapped after one of his ramps broke. He had used the same ramps for several years and then one ramp broke which tipped/rolled the mover over on top of him.

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