honda lawnmower compression


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honda lawnmower compression

Honda HRR216TDA
serial# MZCG7248931
Eng GCV160 5.5hp 4 stroke overhead cam
3 speed self propelled.
My son was cutting the grass and ran out of gas. The mower will not start now, usually starts on first pull after refill. I checked the fuel, fuel lines, fuel valve and all are ok. Air filter is ok, removed carburetor and cleaned and replaced the spark plug. Throttle cable, linkage all appear normal. I removed spark plug and placed finger over hole and had my son pull starter cord. Compression is very minimal. Checked compression on my neighbors mower (different eng/make) and it was much more. Prior to all this last month I used mower and noticed it was running extremely fast and found the ceramic on spark plug was split. Do not know how many times my son cut the grass with this bad plug. Mower has worked fine since until now. Are the rings fried and is this a possible DIY fix? Thanks for your input.

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If your mower was working fine until it ran out of gas, I suggest you focus on fuel issues. Your engine has automatic mechanical de-compression so you do not get a true measurement of compression. Mostly, a leakdown test is the method used to evaluate compression related problems not compression testers.

Squirt gas in carburetor throat and start. If engine fires off but does not run problem is gas related, i.e. gas supply, carburetor. Running out of gas could have introduced some small particles of trash in the carburetor that may be difficult to remove.

Download the following for the carburetor:

Good luck
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Thanks for your help and also the link to the website. Great site. I will head in that direction.
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carb was ok

bought a can of starter fluid and tried to start mower. As I pulled to start the mower it spit the fluid back out of the carb and it caught on fire. I knew I had good ignition and almost let the mower burn but realized it had a full tank of gas. After I put the fire out (just fluid, mower was fine) I decided to chack the valves. As I rotated the flywheel to align the valves to set the correct gap I noticed the exhaust valve was out of place just a little. I put it back in place and adjusted the gap and the mower runs as good as new. I found step by step directions for this at that link you gave me. Thanks!!

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