Push mower dies when blades touch grass.


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Question Push mower dies when blades touch grass.

Hey all,

I have a troy-bilt self-propelled push mower. It was working fine until I hit a decent size rock (~5 inches). After that, it will start up fine, but once the blades touch the grass...it acts like I am trying to mow 8 inch grass blades that are soaked with water.

The mower keeps wanting to die.

So my question I hope is obvious..."Does anyone have an answer to help me fix my mower?"

Thank you!

Stats below:

Model #:

21" Cut / 6.75 HP
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Blade is most likely bent and one side is lower digging into grass.

Remove spark plug and tie safety handle allowing you to spin blade freely. Take a visual mark inside deck housing and spin blade. I will bet one side is much lower. Even though mower is starting fine I would check flywheel key, may be partially sheared. Lastly while spinning blade look at crankshaft to see if it is bent.

Good luck
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Will do.

Thank you very much for the response!

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