Craftsman snowblower 71-52108-1 Series 1295

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Post Craftsman snowblower 71-52108-1 Series 1295

I bought this use, abused, and improperly stored snowblower this afternoon. 8HP Tecumseh & 24" cut. It doesn't run, but after some poking around, I got it to chug a little. I'm servicing the carburetor - broken prime line, stored with old gas in it, frozen throttle and choke valves, and I'm looking for the owner's and service manuals. Even the settings for the low and high speed fuel jets would be a help.

I anticipate a cold and snowy Winter this year in the North, and I'm looking to fix this for flawless operation.

Can anyone point me to the manuals?

Best regards,

Bill in Calgary, Alberta, Canada - aka the frozen North.
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Save yourself a lot of trouble-buy a new carb.......
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Agreed a new carb would save you time, but that is probably not the advice you were looking for.

If throttle plate and choke plate are frozen due to lacqued gas you may be able to salvage, if rusty, new carb is only option.

You will need a carb kit and we will need engine numbers to give you correct PN. You will need to buy a bath type carb cleaner to soak carb in, with side welch plug removed. The kit is going to run you $15 or so and a gallon of carb cleaner $20ish so you will be $35 towards an $85 carb.

As far as settings both needles should be turned in and seated hand tight and then backed out 1 1/2 turns. That will get it started and fine tune from there.
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You must have an older model if you say you need the adjustments for High and Low. The bottom screw is about two turns out and keep it on the rich side for when you want to work it. Usually if I can get it to flutter when I set the choke on the first notch to close then it should be good. The Low is about one and 1/4 turn out. Most of these older carbs clean up but if you do not have a drain in the bottom of the carb bowl you can replace it with one. Techumseh has kits with the new screws in them so you only have to soak the upper body and the choke and throttle shafts will free up. I get about 50 or so blowers in this condition a year to fix after the first snow so you are doing good to do it now. If you take you engine numbers in to a shop you should be able to get the kit with everything but the manifold gasket. LOL

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