Toro Push Mower Right-Front Wheel Sticking


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Toro Push Mower Right-Front Wheel Sticking

I have a Toro Push Mower (model 20016) and when the engine is not running and I try to push the mower forward, the right-front wheel locks up and will not turn. However, if the engine is running and the drive is engaged, the front wheel turns without any problems.

Any idea on what may be causing the front wheel to lock-up?


- guzzel
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Drive Gear Sticking

Remove the wheel that is sticking, you will find a small pinion gear on the axle. This gear is probably binding, either on the axle shaft or the key, spray some light lubricant on the are between the shaft and the axle and rotate the gear by hand until it loosens up.

You may have to remove the retaining clip and slide the gear off of the axle and clean it all up if it's very dirty or has a lot of corrosion.

If you take the gear off, pay attention to the key in the shaft, there is a tiny spring under the key and they can both fall out. Be sure to put the gear on the same way it came off, or the wheel will not roll forwards, nor pull when the drive is engaged.
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Thanks 30YearTech! I'll give it a try and we'll see if that does it.



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