Dixon ZTR shuts off when blades engage


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Dixon ZTR shuts off when blades engage

I have a Dixon ZTR that shuts off when I engage the blades. First here is some history of my problems. While mowing my blades stopped turning, not locked up, just no power. I looked under the mower and found the bolt that holds the blade clutch had broken off. I got the broken piece out and replaced the bolt and worked for a little while and stopped. I then found that the clutch was bad, so I replaced it. Now when I engage the blades the engine shuts off. With the engine off,when I engage the blades the clutch is engaging. My blades turn freely when I turn them by hand. I even tried engaging the blades with the belt off and the engine still dies. Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance,
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I don't know exactly how your tractor is wired, but a lot of tractors have a seat switch that kills the engine if you get out of the seat with the mower clutch engaged. It will also kill the engine if the clutch is engaged with the seat up.

That sounds like what's happening here. It may also be the wire to the seat switch is loose or disconnected. That connector is made so it acts like the seat is up if the connector is removed from the seat switch.
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Red face

Just an update on my problem. Dumb ole me let the battery go dead while working on the mower and guess what? The charging system will not charge the battery and engage the clutch. Fully charged battery later and all is working great.
Thanks for the help,
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Thanks for the update! Apparently you have a fuel shutoff solenoid, and the engine couldn't charge, turn on the clutch, and hold the solenoid open all at the same time.

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