Kohler KT 17 starves.

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Question Kohler KT 17 starves.

My Kohler KT17 runs great for a couple passes, then starves for gas. Noticed that the manifold at the carb. entrance gets cold and sweats. Will run with choke out, but after it sets for a while it wll run good again. How much output should be coming from the fuel pump? Would appreciate any input from someone with similar problem. Thanks.
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Check the choke for full travel and proper adjustment. To check the fuel pump and fuel source, remove the fuel line from the inlet fitting of carburetor. Crank the engine several times and observe flow. If fuel does not flow from the line, check for a clogged fuel line. If fuel flows from line pump is good. If pump is good, the carburetor is suspect.

I rebuilt a carburetor on a KT 17 Series II earlier this year and I a difficult time getting the correct carburetor kit. I do not know if this is a problem inherit with this engine or what. I have never had problems with Kohler kits before. Actually, you may get by with just the paper gasket installed between the body and bowl on some carburetors.

Engine manuals can be found here. I am not sure the KT series is available.

Carburetor information:

This is my canned statement for carburetor cleaning:

I use Valucraft Carb Cleaner; it is a cleaner sold by at Auto Zone parts stores. It is an Auto Zone brand “Valucraft Carb Cleaner” Part Number: AZ-4, 13 ounces in a yellow and black aerosol can with a red plastic cap. It sells for about $2.00 per can. I have been very successful in cleaning carburetors often without removing them from the engine. I have not had many carburetors I could not clean. Sometimes I use the entire can. At the price it sells for, so what.

WARNING - Do not get “Valucraft Carb Cleaner” in your eyes or on your skin. Use a full-face shield for eye and face protection. Wear protective gloves. The cleaner will damage rubber so remove rubber carburetor parts to prevent damage.

Valucraft Carb Cleaner will melt and wash away varnish. Spray as much cleaner as possible into the idle and intermediate passage. Follow by blowing out with compressed air.

I have read other auto parts stores carry an equivalent cleaner.

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