Murray Lawnmower runs a few minutes and stops


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Smile Murray Lawnmower runs a few minutes and stops

I have a 4 year old Murray Riding lawnmower with a Briggs engine. The Mower will start and run for about 5 minutes. Then it will stop. I believe it to be a fuel or air problem. This is what I have done so far.

Replaced all the fuel. (thought water may have been in it)
Replaced red fuel filter.
Checked cap to the gas tank. I ran gas out of the tank in the line and the flow didn't stop or slow down at all so I believe the fuel cap is ok.
I replaced the inner air filter (flat, green retangle filter) However I didn't replace the corregated filter on the outside of it. (I will replace, this may be the issue.)

I emptied out the carbeurater and it had gas it in.

Any other words of wisdom or other thoughts to consider woudl be great. It is hard to mow your lawn when the mower stops every 3-5 minutes.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Please post some engine numbers & mower model & serial numbers so the pro's know what you're working with.. Till then, Does the engine crank after it quits?? And if so, check for spark as soon as possible when it quits... If equipped,, try to listen for the "Click" of the fuel soloniod.. Does it have a fuel pump?? Give some more info & everyone can be more specific,, Roger
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Murray update

Here are the numbers
model: 31D770235
Type: E103

18 horse Murray.

Ok, with the new air filter, this is what happens. The mower will start up, dies with in 3-5 minutes. I try to restart immediately and it turns over but does not fire. If I wait a few minutes it starts. This last time it only ran, after I restarted about a minute. No fuel pump, it is a direct line from the gas tank to filter to carb.

Hope this helps. Thanks again.
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You say when the engine dies there is no spark. If you are confirming this with a spark tester then the coil, AKA ignition module or armature is bad.

I really hope those model numbers from the engine are incorrect. Does the engine have a brand name on it? I understand for a few years Murray was owned by a Chinese company. During this time, some mowers were sold with a Chinese brand engine for which to my knowledge there are NO parts available. I am not sure of this and hope it will not be a problem for you.
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Is it possible that this is the model of engine you have?

Model: 31D777
Type: 0235-E1

Magnetron Ignition module part # 795315
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Yep your right on the following numbers
Model: 31D777
Type: 0235-E1

I spark tested it with a tester and their is spark coming through. I got a shock as well.

So it sounds like the ignition module may be the issue?

Thanks for the patience.
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It sounds like ignition, but if it is, you'll lose spark when it dies. If you still have spark immediately after it dies, then I suspect the ignition isn't at fault. If you wait too long to check for spark, the coil may cool enough to produce a spark and make it appear as though the coil is working fine. Make sure you test for spark IMMEDIATELY when the engine dies. If it's there, move on to other potential causes.

Does this engine have a fuel solenoid on the bottom of the carb?
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doesn't start

Sorry I have been away for a couple of days.

Now the lawnmower doesn't start. It cranks but doesn't fire or pop at all. I do have a very good spark that I tested with a tester. Under the Carb their is a small round tub that connects with a wire white plastic connection. I belive this is the solenoid?

Any thoughts now?
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The solenoid may be the culprit. Turn off the ignition and put your ear as close to the solenoid as possible. Turn the ignition to run (not start.) You should hear the solenoid click. If not, wiggle the wire with the ignition on. If you don't hear (or feel) the solenoid click, then it is not opening.

If you don't hear the solenoid opening, unplug the wire at the base of the solenoid and use a multitester to test the voltage at the connection. It should read 12 volts with the ignition on and 0 volts with the ignition off. If not, the problem is in the wiring.
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Yep, you have a fuel shutoff solenoid. Make sure it is working. If you hear it click when you turn the key on, it is working.
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Check the choke operation, make sure the butterfly is fully open after a few minutes.

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