Craftsmen Gas Weedwacker: Starting problem


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Question Craftsmen Gas Weedwacker: Starting problem


I would really appreciate some advice regarding my Craftsman 24cc 2-Cycle Model # 358.798212 Gas Weedwacker.

The Weedwacker starts to full throttle but sputters/dies within few seconds. I don't even get the time to turn the choke off before it dies. I just put in new gas/oil mixture.

Thanks is advance for your help!
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Sounds like a fuel flow problem caused by a leak in faulty fuel lines. I would suggest replacing the fuel lines. Have a good one. Geo
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Runs for short time

If not gravity fed gas (tank above carb.) then carb. must suck gas from tank below carb. Carburator diaphram fuel pump may be failing.
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Thanks - it was indeed the two fuel lines - they were all cracked and brittle. I got rubber tubes to replace the existing lines and have few very simple questions - how far into the gas tank do these two fuel lines go? My guess is that at least one of these goes all the way, but I need to which one (they are of two different sizes). Also, which one gets the fuel filter? Lastly, where can I get a new fuel filter from - Sears? Can I use the existing one as I had hardly used the weedwacker (it was just lying in the garage for several years and lines just rotted out).

Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction. This is the first time I am doing this kind of job.

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The smaller diameter line usually is the one that the fuel filter attaches to, and will run all the way to the carburetor inlet. It's always a good idea to install a new fuel filter, but if your trimmer has had limited use, the filter is probably still alright to use. The other line is a return line and only needs to extend into the tank 1/4" or so, if it goes in further it will not affect anything.

Any small engine repair shop should have filters you can use, and Sears will be able to supply them for you as well.

Best of Luck....
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