Craftsman Eager1 lawnmower trouble


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Craftsman Eager1 lawnmower trouble

My mother recently bought a Craftsman Eager1 from an elderly couple at a yard sale. For some reason she didn't make sure it worked before she bought it. I went to start it today, and the starting cord just will not budge. I really don't know a thing about lawnmowers, so all I really tried was priming it. Finally, after about 5 minutes, it pulled, very slowly, and the motor made an extremely loud screeching noise as I pulled. There is gas and oil in the lawnmower. Any insight as to what's wrong would be appreciated...
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All mowers made after 1982 must meet certain CPSC safety requirements. Most mowers have an engine brake that must be released prior to starting.

This amounts to a bail at the handle that must be pulled up or down and held while starting and running the engine. It's sounds like you are trying to start the engine without pulling the bail back against the handle to release the brake, doing this also turns on the ignition on the engine so it will run.

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