Kohler engine no spark


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Kohler engine no spark

Hi i put a kohler m10 ohv engine on a cub cadet tractor i just got a new electronic module tried to start but no spark so the cleaned the flywheel then i took out the spark plug and tried to see spark great spark but just white spark not blue but then i figured its good but tried turning it over and no spark
take the plug back out and test it great spark so i put the plug
back in but no spark this is crazy i cant figure it out can someone please help me . thanks ravendad
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How are you determining that there is no spark when the spark plug is installed in the engine??
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Kohler Engine No Spark

Well i put my tester on the ignition modules power supply and there was no power and the module is brand new it tested ok at the shop

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kohler engine no spark

Hi i checked a bunch of connections then put in a new spark plug and flushed the tank and i can get it to start by choking it so then i cleaned the carb but still will only run when i choke it now what thanks
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If you can get it to run only on choke then you are not getting enough fuel through your carb. Your main jet is either dirty yet or if you have an adjustable jet you are set too lean and need to back the screw out. I do not know what carb you have as you do not have your model numbers of the engine listed. I would say you need to look at the main jet first and clean it real good.LOL

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