HONDA HRS 21 "Starts Then Dies"


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HONDA HRS 21 "Starts Then Dies"

Hi..sorry am not very mechanical, but I can learn.

My brother in law gave me a mower.

Worked well for the first 3 mows.

I guess I let the guess run dry.

I put in more gas.

Now everytime I try and start seems to start for about 3 seconds, but then dies.

Any tips for this one??


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Fixed it...

Hi there....i tried starting again and it seemed to me that the engine was running not too bad when it started for the few seconds it would start.

In short, it seemed like a gas issue to me.

I had only filled it up half way with gas. So I filled it up to the top to see if more gas pressure/weight would push more gas into the system.....anyways that seemed to work.

As it got running it also seemed to be clearing itself out of a few clogs possible as well...and then it really started to rev up nice and healthy.

Good luck to all others!
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I am glad to hear someone else found this problem with a Honda motor. I don't know what it is about Hondas, but it seems everyone of the I have had her in my shop will NOT start unless the tank is FULL! My opinion is that Hondas are extremely over-rated.

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