Scotts lawn mower L1742 turns doesnt start


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Scotts lawn mower L1742 turns doesnt start

Thought i'd ask all the experts on herethis question.I have a scotts lawn mower model L1742. engine info model - 31F707 type - 0112 E1 code - 0204012A.
Until 2 weeks it worked fine and then one morning I started it and it spluttered so I shut it off and then tried to start again and it didnt. Heres hat happened after that.

1) Removed spark plug. It was all black and looked real bad. So replaced it. Checked for spark with the new one and had a good sharp blue spark. Tried starting, just turned but didnt start.
2) Replaced air filters. No luck
3) Changed batteries. Started, spluttered, shut itoff, tried again and no go.

4) Sprayed carb cleaner to the carburetor. Just turns no start.

5) removed the carburetor. Discarded the old fuel. Add some STABIL to the new fresh fuel . Sparyed carb cleaned at the carburetor cleaned as much as I could without taking it apart. Replaced the fuel filter. Put everything back together and tried to start. No luck. Didnt even turn. Using booster cables connected my car battery to the lawn mower battery and tried the key and it turned again with no start.

6) Checked the sparkplug. Seemed very dry.
6) Put a teaspon of fuel into the hole of the spark plug and tried to start. No luck. Simply turns.

So here I am with 2 weeks of after work, effort and LONG grass in my backyard. Any ideas??


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The black sooty plug and sputtering are indications that the engine is flooding. The choke may be sticking closed, or the float in the carburetor may be bad.

It sounds like the replacement battery isn't charged, isn't any good, or the connections are bad.

Is there a solenoid on the carburetor? If so, check the wire(s) going to it to be sure they're connected. One goes to ground. The other should have power when the key is in the ON position.

It sounds like you went from too much fuel to no fuel at all.
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Thanks for the reply. You are right. It really is the case as in no fuel seems to be getting to the engine now.

1) The replacement battery isnt getting charged because I have been trying to fix the mower for 2 weeks now and the repeated starting has discharged it. So now I have it connected to my car during all this work.

2) for the Solenoid, I checked if it was working or not , simply unhooking the wires that go to it and connecting it back up.(I hear a clear switching noise when its connected) So I think its working. Unless you think my method of testing was wrong.

3) I also used a voltmeter and checked the voltage arriving to the solenoid and it seems to be 12v.

Any ideas to get the fuel to reach the engine. Also how do removed the solenoid and fuel bowl off the carburetor. Is it just force or is there a method?

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The fuel solenoid unscrews and then the bowl just comes off. The solenoid takes a thin 1/2" wrench.

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