honda htr 3009


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honda htr 3009

ok i found this mower for freen and am trying to get going just to play around on, i can get it to run great , but as soon as i put in gear it dies out on me. so can someone please tell me what i need to do to fix this problem
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Sounds like a safety switch...

Make sure you check the safety switches at the seat, the blade engagement lever, and the clutch pedal. If you put the machine in gear and let out the clutch while you are not in the seat, it will stall the engine. The same thing will happen if you try to run the blades while you are not in the seat. If one of the switches is bad, it will cause the engine to stop.

On an older mower, you can disconnect all the safety switches to disable them. On some newer mowers, you need remove the switch and twist and tape the wires together to get around them.

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