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Exclamation Where to Buy?

I am writing this for my paps, he is struggling with a mower we got from Lowes last year. Here is the exact product...


He is having trouble keeping the mower running. He has taken the carburetor out and cleaned it multiple times, he noticed the gas was eating away at the Push Bulb button ( for priming) and he wants to order a replacement Carburetor. I have not been able to find this product anywhere. I have found replacement kits, and valves and everything else but I cannot find a new carburetor for this particular mower. I have found out it was a Briggs and Stratton engine but they also do not have the carburetor for sale on their site.

My dad is one of those people who would much rather fix it himself rather than order or buy a new mower. Any help would be very much appreciated.
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Your local small engine shop should have one or be able to get you one.
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The unit will still be under warranty if it is less than two yrs old.
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Is he using fresh gas (less than 2 months old)? Is the gas in your area a high mix of ethanol? Is the mower stored inside or under a tarp? Tarp might not prevent condensation of water in the fuel.
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Well first off, he is slightly disabled and cannot drive hence the reason he is trying to get me to find a new carburetor for him online.
I believe we have misplaced the warranty info and we could not get the mower to the store we bought it from because the store was a distance away. We have contacted every local dealer and they will order a new carburetor for us but they refuse to let us install it ourselves, meaning it is mandatory that we purchase the part and have their company put it in the mower.
Yes the gas is "usually" fresh, but every now and then it will last about a month or two. I also believe the gas is a high mix of ethanol which is something we have no choice to buy because of the town we live in. I hadn't thought of that and maybe it could be causing our problems. This was our second push mower that did this, we have two new ones that don't work because of the carburetor. Both mowers are from different companies so we figured one of them would work.
We do not keep the mowers under a tarp but they are in a shed we have in the backyard.

Thanks all for the help, it is very much appreciated.
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I am sorry to hear your Dad is having a hard time getting the parts.

The carb is PN# 699660
The primer bulb is 694394

You will also need a new diaphram and gasket
PN# 795083.

All can be ordered from www.partstree.com and shipped to you.

I will offer the following advice:
If the machine is less than 2 years old and has been stored in a shed I would bet the farm you do NOT need a new carb, although they are only $18 so it is your call. If you remove carb and clean carb, carb screen and pick up tube with carb cleaner and blow with compressed air, then empty and clean gas tank and fill with fresh fuel and install new diaphram and gasket. The machine will run. Extra thoughts:
I would replace all gas he has in cans lying around with fresh gas from pump. There is an O-Ring and a retaining clip on the carb where it slides onto intake pipe. Many times when a DIY'er removes these carbs they remain on intake pipe and are never seen, thus carb is re-installed without. This can cause your symptoms. Ask your Dad if he saw these when he removed the carb. When the new diaphram and gasket is installed the diaphram goes on the tank, then the gasket, then the carb.

Good luck
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I have successfully ordered the part, well actually two of them because my dad didn't want to worry about this for some time. Thanks for everyones help and contributions they were extremely informative, especially you SmallEngineGuy. That link you posted was exactly what I needed.

Thanks again to everyone for helping my dad and I to remain to be Do-It-Yourselfers.

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