Best Walkbehind Mower?? Curious for opinions!


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Best Walkbehind Mower?? Curious for opinions!

As in my recent post about my current MTD mower problem, I was also researching new mowers.

My family has always purchased Toro and after a decade, while well maintained, it has worked well and even starts on the first attempt! Obviously getting your money's worth.

However I noticed all of the same problems with all brands and wondered, from the experts, what do you feel is the best bang for your buck for a good quality mower at a price range of $200 - $300... and also above $300?

Many thanks, and please dont hesitate to state your opinion, I understand it is your preference and I will make my own decision based on several factors.

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Why don't you buy TORO & see if you can get 15 years out of it. I gave my Toro to my son 8 years ago & I had it 10 years-
It still works.................
I had to go to a riding mower--old age will get you every time.
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I have serviced and sold many different brands of mowers over the past 34 + years. There are many good brands and anyone of them will likely give you years and years of good service provided you properly maintain them.

I have owned Snapper, Ariens, Toro, Lawnboy and Honda mowers. The mower I currently have is a 1983 model Toro Lawnmower that just won't seem to give up the ghost. Out of all the different brands I have owned I would have to give the nod to Toro, as a dealer they had exceptional customer service. Next brand I am partial to is Honda, Lawnboy, Ariens and Snapper in that order.

They are all well built machines if you look at their premium lines, but their entry level units may not provide you with the longevity that many are used to. You will generally have to go to a servicing dealer to purchase the premium units, and they will all be over $300.00.

Best of luck with your search.
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Thank you both. That is good to know and I was leaning towards either Toro or Honda anyhow. But for a few more bucks I might as well make the investment and maintain it.
Thanks... very much appreciated!

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I couldn't say brand "X" is the best over all others for everyone. My criteria is that it have a premium motor, decent bearings in the wheels, be self propelled and have handlebars HIGH enough that I don't have to hunch over to push it (I'm 6'-3"). A 5'-4" tall woman won't like my choice at all.
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I've always bought cheap mowers, murray, and have had good service out of them.The 1st new mower I bought was a 22" murray $99 - used about 5 times a month in fla for 10 yrs. I replaced it with a similiar murray for the same price shortly before moving to tenn, it lasted for 15 yrs.

Since no murrays were available when my last mower died towards the end of the season I bought a bolen for $170 . It may last a long time but not by me . it's hard to start, tips over easy, won't cut if you pull it backward, etc. There was an article in the news about a guy who got arrested for shooting his uncooperative lawn mower - that could have been me

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